authorImage-KirkFinch-fb53690c-6791-4cf8-80df-62e40e0cd875.jpgA potential client comes in with a letter from IRS. It stated that he owed $1,183,000 for past debt. As he knew he couldn’t possibly owe that amount, he ignored the letter.

It turns out that the client thought the bill was so ludicrous he just ignored them, which prompted home visits from IRS Regional investigators. These visits were followed up by gun-toting Criminal Investigation Unit officers from Cincinnati, Ohio

We set up meetings at our offices and the IRS offices with local IRS officials, District IRS officials, and Criminal Investigative officials. They told our now client that as he ignored the letters, he was responsible for the bill and they filed liens on his properties.

After researching and copying hundreds of pages of documentation and sorting mounds of receipts for the 3 years in question, we got multiple meetings set up.

When the smoke cleared we got him only owing $4,000 and set him up on an installment plan…a raving fan indeed!