authorImage-TamaraBanks-42222e81-bce7-471a-9114-1b3cd927dd55.jpgI recently had a very arrogant, disgruntled gentleman come in to file a return. He was rude, loud and used profanity in every sentence. His behavior disrupted the entire office.

I learned that he loathed paying and filing taxes and was going through a rough divorce after over 10 years of marriage. He described his wife as mean and she left with his two daughters. His angry eyes lit up when he spoke of them.

By the end of his appointment, he was showing me pics, laughing, and fist bumping. He even offered to by me lunch.

I thoroughly enjoy diffusing people. I see it as a challenge. My job is to provide the service sought out by the customer without judgment. I never know where people have been and what hey have endured. While I have them for that moment, I mold to the individual(s) and cater to their needs. I believe its an art form that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't.

That gentleman was a mission accomplished!