It was the year after I had finally been hired full time, after working for 5 years as a part-time employee. Finally! Health insurance, more money, all the good stuff of full time work. I had always filed my own taxes electronically. Well, I went to figure my taxes out and I about fell out of my chair! It said I owed both federal and state taxes! Not just a little, but a lot! Being a single mother, money is not flush, but we get by. However, I had been used to tax returns of $3,400 when I only worked part time. This was a real shock! I was not used to even thinking I had to pay! So I gathered all my information together and headed down to my local liberty tax® office. The people in the Hillsboro office could not have been nicer! She sat down with me to find out all my information and my story. Once we got through that, it only seemed to take her a short time and she had filed my return! I ended up with a return from the federal government of around $1,200 and I only had to pay the state $200. Yeeaaah! They made my day! I was so relieved and happy when I left! Plus, I got to see the "changing of the liberty" as one crew came in and another headed out!