It was November 1998 and I was working in retail management. I was actually dreading the upcoming “Holiday Season”! Holiday shoppers can often be the “worst” and really don’t get the true spirit of Christmas, so I was actually shopping around for a change in career path myself when I read these words in the Help Wanted section of the newspaper.

Manager wanted, will train, potential ownership call XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I couldn’t pick up the phone fast enough, I wanted to be an “OWNER”!!! So began my journey with Liberty Tax Service® as an office manager in Leavittsburg, OH. I’ve been an employee for close to 16 years but, more importantly, I’ll be an owner of Liberty Tax Service® the rest of my life. There aren’t enough words to describe where I’ve been on this journey, but with a few choice words and you will understand, I’ve met business partners from all over the USA/Canada and Puerto Rico. I’ve had First Class Seating, 5 Star restaurants, Multi-Diamond resorts, Eiffel Tower, Caribbean, dozens of Key Note speakers within hands reach that I’ve been privileged to listen to! I’ve learned how to invest money, save money, and make business decisions that will affect me throughout the rest of my life. They can’t teach you these things in even the best MBA programs in the world!!! I grew up on a farm in a very rural area of Ohio and got exceptional work ethics from my parents however, it was always expected that you work harder not smarter. You didn’t need a strong mind as much as you did a strong back to get the job done! My parents believed that hard work would pay off in the long run. They were right in one respect because the farm was paid off eventually, though they never got to live a good life. They took a 5 day vacation once with us the entire time we grew up. They constantly worried about paying the bills and prayed that the life insurance could take care of us if something happened. I am one of 8 siblings so there wasn’t much to go around! My parents are the best and I couldn’t ask for better parents but the farm owned them and made them worried about money their entire lives! I resolved early in life that I didn’t want to be worried financially my whole life. I wanted to be a part of something that is much more valuable and wouldn’t cost me endless nights of worry like a farm full of animals!

Learning from the elite group of employees and franchisees at Liberty Tax Service® has helped me take my dreams of ownership to a new level! I still work very hard as an employee and as an owner of Liberty Tax® I am constantly striving to learn and take each team member and franchisee to a new level financially and professionally! I take my ownership seriously and it is my duty to pay it forward every day! My dream of “Potential Ownership” is a reality! I stand proud and say, I own a piece of Liberty Tax Service® which will be Number 1 in the Universe in 2020!

Mary Jane DeJaager
Director of Seasonal Relationships & Company Stores