postImage-MarlyciaCantu-29f38b0f-5c61-45fd-8736-e03b973c75ba.jpgA couple of years ago, I was blessed to have been chosen to be a winner of double my refund to help my daughter's wish come true. During that time, I was married and my husband had surgery and we were very behind in bills, so the money came in right at the nick of time to save us from getting evicted and to be able to pay our bills. Instead of being able to take my girls to Disney World, we were able to keep our place to live, our lights on, buy food and have enough for a wonderful weekend trip to Dollywood.

 Well, unfortunately as things happen, I am now getting divorced and the girls have an absent parent, so I am working 3 jobs trying my best to make things work for us. It is hard at times. I have also lost 115 pounds since then and I am in extreme need of some new clothes because all my clothes are now way too big, but all the money I am able to make goes towards bills, groceries and for my girls. I feel guilty even trying to buy myself a new shirt.

 We are so strapped right now we don't even have money to go to dinner, go to the movies and have not been able to go to Dollywood. Their best friends want them to come visit (just a three hour drive away) but I cannot even afford the gas money it takes to take them there.

Liberty Tax® is the best place to get my taxes done and I am also trying to be able to move back home to be closer to family, but that too would require gas money. Of course I love April at Liberty Tax® in Sylva and I am waiting until I am able to file taxes before I move so I can at least have the opportunity of using April's tax office one last time.

My 9-year-old is still battling her life threatening disorder, but with new things that have developed as she gets older. My girls and I needed a miracle before and we were blessed with Liberty Tax® and winning the Double my Refund. I hope and pray that Liberty Tax® can be our second miracle and blessing we sure could use now to help make things a little easier. None the less- no matter win or not - Liberty Tax® is and always will be my tax preparer of choice.