When I was counting the days to my graduation I had no clue what I was going to do for the rest of my life. My mom and I decided to go to a Liberty Tax® School to learn about taxes, (sure why not).

After the classes were finishing up, we talked to the franchise owner of this Liberty Tax® office and convinced her to sell the office. We have been at this location for 3 years now and it has changed my view on how I look at people overall; which is everyone is struggling in some sort of way, and everyone needs some type help.

Of course I can not help everybody but I can help them with their taxes because I find it somewhat easy then most people. What better way to help someone get more money on their tax return or help someone understand what deductions they can and cannot take.

The best feeling is making someone happy and putting a smile on their face as they walk out and back into regular life with some type of relief. My experience working in a Liberty Tax® Office I have seen the ups and downs of customers, tax preparers, and even technology issues. Not everyone wants to be happy but trying to accommodate is what counts.

Working with other tax preparers can be a lot of fun either it be trying to find an answer to a tax problem or coming together to solve a complicated tax return. It is a great feeling for myself when coworkers look up to me for help, advice or manager approval and I am able to give them an answer or fix the issue. When I started doing taxes for customers, most clients would not believe me because I looked so young (as I was 18), so it made me self-conscious to do taxes.

As the following year went on I studied more an made myself feel more confident in explaining to a customer what is happening, which then turned out in favor and gave people the reason to smile. As i am still young, Liberty has help guide a way for me to expand my potential. I am lucky to have to the opportunities I have had and greatly appreciate what will be coming for future years.