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I was a joiner when I saw the hard working liberty wavers. I needed to claim some casino winnings as a non resident alien and while I knew that I needed a 1040 NR, and had a sample to follow, I thought I would let Liberty help.
And help they did, and promised me a return in 8 - 21 days.
Unfortunately that didn't happen.
There was an error in the form, then the form wasn't accepted because the social security # was wrong (Canadian used instead of applying for an American #) and now I have to wait 8 - 10 weeks just to know if my W7 is accepted.
I did ask for a refund because of all the hassles and was denied.
I still wave back at the "statues" but with less enthusiasm than I once had!
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Posted By: Kathleen Garrity

live in Canada, but have an r.v. In Arizona

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