The couple walked in and just collapsed in the waiting room. "Phew!" the women sighed. "What can I get you to drink?" I asked. She was still panting. So I came back with some waters and Mountain Dews. "Thanks!" they both exclaimed.

I seated them at a prep desk and got them started on the Client Data Sheet. It wasn't long before we discovered why they were so winded. "We walked here." "Oh, do you live in the subdivision in back of us?" "Haha, no, 10 miles down 411!" Whoa. It was true.

They didn't have a running car and just started walking everywhere. After their taxes were done, I offered them a ride home. For one, there's just no safe way to walk Blount County roads - all the shoulders are ditches. And two, there was just no way I was letting clients walk 10 miles back home and I was curious as to how far they really did walk.

They couldn't believe it and accepted my offer. And it was 11.0 miles - close enough. LOL