Hi All, I just wanted to share some pictures with all of you. Even though it was 96 out last Thursday night at 7 PM, it didn't stop my Liberty Family and I from walking in a 3 mile parade. My territories are semi-rural and sometime P2P is difficult because my marketers have to drive in the boonies, so lately I have been participating in a ton of parades...It was the 79th Fireman's Parade in CLIO, MI...

I usually hand out crowns at these events, but I decided to make yesterdays event a Tax School Recruiting Parade. Attached you will see the Frisbee's I purchased from IPP and I also purchased some post-it notes and attached them to the back of the Frisbee's to promote my upcoming tax school. What better way to market my tax school, right?

I would say there was over 5000 people in attendance and we gave away 1000 Frisbee's. All the kids loved what Liberty did at this parade.

I also attended the 3rd Annual Car Show this past Saturday in Clio, and I was selected to present a trophy to one of the winners, the trophy will have Liberty Tax Service® name on it as well as the category I was selected to judge. My daughter joined me all dressed up in costume and we handed out more tax school information as well as some cool post it notes that had all 3 of my locations imprinted on front. Again, there was 1000s in attendance for this great event too. Plus while there, I was asked to donate 150 items to another car show that will be in my area in late September. You just never know how many leads you can get by just doing a community event.

There is stuff to do in every community, I just hope you find these pictures helpful and maybe you can pass it on to other Zees who may be struggling on things to do for marketing or promoting tax school in their areas. I will admit, I have been with Liberty for 8 years now and I usually just participate in the homecoming parades, but this is the first time I am attending each and every community event I can attend. I am now a firm believer that there is no such thing as an OFF SEASON and it is already paying off.

I don't call myself lucky, it is just amazing the leads that just happen when you become part of the community events your store is located in. I just want to point out that there is lots of stuff in everyone's community you just need to get motivated, get pumped up about the business we own and get outside. I have found out that there is more events going on during these months then what usually happens during Tax Season.

On August 20th, will be one of the biggest events I will be participating in. It is called the Montrose Blueberry Festival and they are expecting over 15,000 people in attendance at their parade...Not sure what I will be passing out, but rest assure I will be promoting tax school as well as my business.

I feel in order to grow your business you need to show your face in your community. Kids love getting free stuff. Most people in parades just toss out candy, well so far this year I have tossed out, Crowns, Frisbee's and Post it Notes, and still to come I will be giving away, koozies, Pom Pom's and footballs. I am proud to be a part of this wonderful Liberty Family and I want everyone around my area to know about Liberty and I am trying my best to be John's next millionaire!!