My Fanatical story is more to do with all the customers and how they bring joy to me, more than just one particular incident. I’ve been with Liberty for 12 years and over that time period I have come to realize that taxes are my passion.

I love helping people understand taxes as well as helping them in their current stage of life. You encounter so many people during a tax season. Some are doing taxes because they have to, others have had a loss of a spouse and bewildered with what to do, you have the lower income who are now unemployed and need someone to encourage them and you have people who are harder to please.

I feel we offer so much to the community and the clients of Liberty Tax®. Our customer service is way beyond any other business out there and we strive to make everyone happy. In my experience I feel like I can have a positive impact on people by simply explaining taxes, offering them a drink with a smile and offering a way to make some money by referring their friends.

By far, Liberty Tax® has been my favorite career choice and I enjoy coming to work. At our office, we have a wonderful team who makes the office atmosphere friendly, fast and accurate! I am so blessed to be a part of the Liberty Tax® family, doing what I am passionate about and helping the community in the process!