For the past 19 years, I have had my taxes prepared by another major company. This year, however, I switched to Liberty, and this change had a great impact on my life. Let me explain why. Every tax season, I honestly dread going to get my taxes prepared. The atmosphere in this other establishment (H&R) was always so uptight, chaotic, and simply unpleasant. I have used the same tax preparer at H&R for the past 6 years, and luckily, by the grace of god, she went to work for Liberty for the 2016 tax season.

I walked into the Liberty Tax® office on January 13th in West Point, VA. at approximately 10:30 am, and had the most unexpected, warmest greeting imaginable. There were 3 preparers in the office and they all took a moment to speak to me, and thank me for coming in.

My tax preparer has ALWAYS been a true gem, but in this atmosphere, all of her traits and rarities of professionalism were able to truly blossom. The owner of the establishment FIXED ME A CUP OF COFFEE, handed me a brand new local phone book to take home, and actually took the time to get to know me.

I cannot explain to you just how much of a difference and impact this has on a customer. My entire perspective was, and has been altered, as I was able to sit in their office and enjoy this experience. Their attention to detail was impeccable, and as other customers walked in, I watched each one receive the same treatment. You have to understand where I'm coming from to truly understand the wealth of appreciation I have for Liberty Tax service®.

My past experiences were totally opposite and I had grown to "know" that during tax season, it's an unpleasant time. My past experiences included sitting and waiting for hours because my preparer was overbooked by the office, listening to small town gossip from other customers, as well as other tax preparers around me. In the past, I never ONCE made it through an entire session without my session being interrupted by one of the other preparers asking for assistance and guidance from the lady who prepares mine.

As I mentioned, by the grace of God, she left H&R and went to Liberty. I am loyal to her because she has always been loyal to me. Now, I am watching her smile and even laugh, due to the environment Liberty has provided. My experience was personalized, and I felt so incredibly comfortable within this new setting. I was thrilled to find out about the program you offer when you refer customers!

Upon leaving and wrapping up, learning about those incentives were quite the bonus! I have now sent about 8 people to Liberty because of the drastic change in environment, professionalism, and their ability to make me, the customer, feel like the number one priority. So, Thank you Liberty! This Time of the year is no longer hectic and stressful, and I honestly look forward to the 2017 season!