Monique Woodson post photo 51229ec4-5928-49b1-84ec-e1ad689b4eebThis is my 2nd year working for franchise owner, Carl Marbury, at the LTS office in Mt Oliver, PA. The past year was a year of learning and personal growth that I didn't know I was being groomed for. As the summer came around and I was promoted to Office Manager, I started noticing that I was given challenges that were fun to meet.

As we began our 2nd season, I was truly amped with some of the new things we were going to bring to our office -  from helping with the Affordable Care Act to helping customers who have offsets. This season we have had the opportunity to help several customers truly understand their current debt situation and help many lower their debt, get rid of their debt, or begin to make payments on their debt. Our customers have been so shocked with the results we have gotten them, and I truly feel like we are one big happy family here in Mt Oliver.