Angela Lovelady post photo a8ae2c09-8046-4eb4-902e-2065ccb458fbI am here to tell you an amazing story about overcoming extreme obstacles and still delivering top-notch customer service in the process.

It all started on January 15, 2014 around 10:00 pm. The owner, Reggie Reyes, received a phone call from the Lemon Grove Fire Department. Turns out, the internal roof sprinkler system had deployed due to corrosion in the piping. The entire office was flooded: the main office, the manager’s office, and the call center.

To make matters worse, the very next night, we experienced another flood. The office next door had their sprinkler system deploy. Since that office was uphill from us, the water flowed right into our office and flooded us once AGAIN!

For insurance purposes we did not move anything around in the office after the first flood, so the second flood made it nearly impossible to salvage any our supplies.

But did that stop us? No it did not. We are dedicated to our customer’s and we weren’t going to let this stop us from giving the best possible customer service. Luckily, the processor was in the manager’s office and on a small stand so the water did not get into the computer. We grabbed that computer, a canopy, a few tables, and set up shop in the parking lot right outside the office. We had coolers full of beverages and snacks for the customers.

The lead tax preparer for our office, Dawn Hedgecoth, was working with the Manager, Michelle Helmer, to deliver excellent customer service. The most amazing part of this whole thing was that Dawn and Michelle were not only doing taxes all day in the heat, they were also fixing up the office on their own. They cleaned the office, organized the furniture, painted the walls, retiled the bathroom, and salvaged as much as possible. They did all of that after giving 100% to their customers.

Everyday, for 10 days, we did the same thing out in the parking lot. Regardless of the circumstances, this office went above and beyond to give our customers the best service possible. Thanks to our great customers, as an office we are up 54% from where we were last year. Nothing was going to stop us from making this a great season.