Snow in Virginia is a big deal. Many parts of our country are familiar and able to function when those flakes start to fall but in the Eastern Virginia area we shut down. Schools close, businesses close, roads close, etc.. you get the idea. Well, one person that did not close or shut down was Liz McEwan. She had a prospective franchisee who flew into town to consider opening a franchise.

Liz trudged through the snow and empty streets to pick this person up from their hotel and bring them to the corporate office. Then the snow came down heavier and that prospect was stuck here in VA and unable to fly out. Liz provided transportation to meals and an additional night in the hotel. This just shows the perseverance and determination of our sales representative, Liz, to do all that she could to make this prospect comfortable in our area while the winter storm swarmed around us.

 Oh, and did I say that this person had a disability and needed extra help all along the way? Yes on ice and snow and getting around, Liz was there to help. I nominate Liz as a FANATIC!