About a week and a half ago, a client came in to "get his return started" for he and his wife. He was going to Madrid the next day, and wanted to be sure that he wasn't going to owe that much money in taxes before he left. I was able to take a weight off his shoulders by informing him that he would be getting a refund from federal, but I couldn't finish the return because his wife had to be there so that everything could be signed. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to come in that evening, so he had to go to Madrid with his return still on hold. He did, however, want to make an appointment for this evening (Sunday night at 7pm) to finish up. I knew that I would be able to make it in, so I agreed to be here.

Because the wife is in the medical field, and because they had never been to Liberty Tax® before (they endured H&R Block for too many years!), I was able to prepare their return for free. This made the couple very happy. They were already thanking me for coming in on a day that we were normally closed. To be able to get their return done for free seemed almost akin to a blessing. As I was handing them their paperwork tonight and explaining to them about our Send a Friend program, the husband brightened up and said that his brother in law was the one that sent them to us. He had nearly forgotten to mention it. I told him that was awesome and got his brother in law's information so that he could be contacted and given $50.

Before they got up to leave, the husband smiled and said "I didn't forget", and handed me a small paper sleeve. Inside were two postcards from Madrid. I had mentioned during his first visit that I loved collecting postcards from places that my friends would visit. He actually went out of his way and SEARCHED for postcards for me! How cool is that? I have a feeling that both sides became raving fans tonight.