Bonique Edwards authorphoto 4c4b6e54-8281-4771-b9f0-0ae8575edc90We have a homeless man that we call O.G. that comes to our office regularly to help put out signs, flags and our Liberty Tax® tent. He is responsible for sweeping and hosing down the front and rear of the office.

He comes to the office three to five times per week and he knows most of our employees by first name. We consider him a part of the Liberty family!

Within the first week of peak, we noticed that our clients were a bit turned off by his dirty clothes.

Our store manager Larrie, went and purchased a dozen new T-shirts to wear while at our office. O.G. is compensated with t-shirts, snacks, cold water and $5 when he comes to clean up our store.

At the end of a long night during the second peak, one of our employees remembered to set our alarm, but forget to lock the exterior door.

The next morning, the alarm company phoned and indicated that our motion sensor had been activated at our store. From the cameras, we could see a small frame moving signs outside and setting up the store.

It turns out that OG had come to work that morning! After setting up the flags and tent outside, he sat patiently in the waiting area with the alarm going at full blast. Although our cameras don't have audio, his expression said, "When are they going to cut this thing off!"

OG was surrounded by thousands of dollars of computer equipment, candy, etc. Not once did he think of taking any of our belongings. When we finally arrived on site, his only words were "Where do we keep the broom and dust pan? I need to sweep outside!"

We were humbled by his honesty and willingness to simply do a good job for us!

That day O.G. earned himself a $20 and we thanked him for protecting his and our store!