Kay Dodd originally contacted me over the summer wanting to attend our Tax School. She did not have the money to take the class, but we told her to not let the price be a deterrent.

To start the first class, we went around the room and asked everyone to tell something unique about themselves as an ice breaker. When we got to Kay, we quickly learned she is very proud to be a cancer survivor. As the weeks went on, she attended and passed the class with flying colors; and now at the end of the tax season, she is number 2 in our office for number of returns, and number 1 in ANF (average net fee). She is also directly responsible for the increase in the amount of donations we have received this year from our customers for the American Cancer Society.

Just a few weeks ago, she learned that her cancer has come back, and she is going for surgery in a few days followed by a new round of chemo. The doctor has also told her it is extremely unlikely that the cancer will go into remission this time. She is a single mother with no health insurance, but we never hear her complain about her situation. She has an amazing outlook on life and an outstanding rapport with all of our customers and staff.

We are having a fundraiser for her on Tuesday night of next week at the office and also a special appreciation party for her on Saturday, April 11th, as that will be the last day she is able to work before surgery.

I would love to present her with a fanatical award from Liberty for the fanatical way she has served our customers this year and spread the Liberty culture with every client and staff member in spite of her current life circumstances.