In the tax season of 2012, I had been having my taxes prepared with a competitor of Liberty Tax® for a couple of years. This particular year I did not feel that they were prepared correctly and on my way home I saw the waver in front of the Liberty Tax® Office and I stopped in to see if I could have someone take a look at my taxes.

The owner, Sandy Sowder, greeted me and at that time I did not know she was the owner. She took a look at the information I had and with a lengthy discussion she agreed to give me a free estimate. She also understood how frustrated I was and offered the tax school. I accepted and the rest as they say is HISTORY.

She did find errors that ended in a refund from an amended return. I not only began a new job but added new friend in my life. Sandy has not only taken me under her wing but has been such a positive force in my life, career, but also in my heart. She is the best of the best in friends, bosses, mentors, and I have been blessed that she came into my life.

She has given me opportunities for not only success but growth in my career and my soul. She loves what she does and it reflects in the way she treats every customer, employee and friends. I am proud to call her boss and friend. I love Liberty Tax® and Sandy Sowder.