In 2011, I was unemployed and looking for a job. Someone told me to apply for a job at Liberty Tax® as a waver, where I dress up as the Statue of Liberty. So I stopped by at an office to get information about tryouts. 

I went to a tryout and I was told I did very well and got the job on the spot. I've worked for Liberty tax® for the past four years and it has changed me. I earned some money, got some more performing experience and work experience. People notice me and I love putting smiles on their faces. 

I love coming back every year and I love meeting new people. I tell people to get their taxes done at Liberty Tax®, and I would give them coupons. They would say how I saved them because they found a trusted, loving, caring company and they will come back every year. I love Liberty Tax® because they took a chance on me and gave me a job that I love. I always look forward coming to work and put smiles on people faces.