Last year was a nightmare we filed taxes with H&R block and the lady that did our taxes didn't inform us I couldn't file using my fiancée children in less we were married we told we were not married and gave her all the correct information and we soon were in trouble with the IRS we didn't not receive a refund last year and that was OK because the IRS didn't take anything other then the refund of last year.

This year we filed with liberty we at first were doubtful but the results are better the ever will be receiving 9410.5 after liberty fees our total amount is 9959 thank you liberty we received word today we were approved for the amount you told us we we had a great person named HOPE in las Vegas on Nellis and stewert who filed our taxes she was great and understood our worries she made sure all papers were properly filed and dealt with our 5 children playing in the office they made sure the children were happy from beginning to end it was a great feeling to know you cared about not only us but our children were satisfied we will be doing our taxes next year with liberty tax® thank you