I enjoyed my time in Liberty tax® on Newtown Rd. with Ms. Nikki. The tax preparer help me with a lot of information I needed to help my business better at tax time.

I will be giving my business to Liberty Tax® for now on. Everyone here was so sweet, kind and made sure there clients was taking care very well. I felt at home. Ms. Nikki made sure everything was on point and no I don't no her. I am not her friend. This my first time ever using Liberty tax®.

To be honest I was giong to use you guys last year, but one of your company didn't no what they was doing so I went with someone else, but the experience I had at the Ms. Nikki company my God, we are friends now.

They make you so comfortable even if you don't know everything about taxes. They try there best to provide all the information you need to file your taxes and they on point with everything. I will be returning next year and years after that. There's nothing like putting a face on someone face to brighten up there day.

At Liberty tax® on Newtown Rd no one leave with out smiling. 😊😊😊