i had been through a big struggle being a single mother. i have been on a budget for everything and cannot take my kids out or anything like that. i went in to my local liberty tax® agent to file my taxes. my agent was really friendly and she reassured me i was to receive my max refund.

i have gone to 2 different place where they had told me the same thing. unfortunately they were only giving me a little back. when i went in to my agent i came to find out that other places were not adding my income tax credit (back when it was around).

the agent helped me get a lot more than i expected. not only that i was not aware of the $50 cash in a flash, my car was already blinking empty so when she mentioned that i will be getting $50 immeditly, i began to cry because i really needed that money to get to work and take my kids to school and to day care. i am foreever gratefull with liberty tax®