Last year, it was my oldest step son's birthday 1/14/15, & his Lil brother's is the day after his 1/15/15. I had just lost my job at Amazon so I was broke and losing my mind just trying to be a good step dad.

While waking up still laying in my bed, I turned on my TV & I saw a Liberty Tax® advertisement that said, if it is my first time filling, I get $50, & if I get someone to fill you get another $50. So I filed & so did my girlfriend, she got her $50, & I got mine.

But next is the blessing, because my lady had put me down that I convinced her to come in & file, so I got another $50. Then after that "God" had let me know, everything is going to be alright. The women God used to passed this blessing to my family, filed my girlfriend's taxes & mine.

Wanted my girlfriend & I to take Facebook pics to post. Liberty Tax® changed my life because they gave me hope at a real time of need and we had fun, thank you.