Andrea Sullivan post photo e1c1fa36-2fb4-4154-8dd1-7aae5e9aed7bI first met Sandy from Liberty Tax® in Casper, Wyoming when I needed my taxes done, after I purchased my first house. I’d had my taxes done at H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt before but never had a sense that I was anything more than just a costumer and, therefore, never felt a strong connection to either facility.

I am a veteran and was able to utilize my VAan benefits for the first time and was needing someone to help me file my taxes! I first went to H&R Block. Then to Jackson Hewitt. Neither facility had any information on how to handle my VA closing fees. I was referred to Sandy after completely rejecting the idea that I knew how to file them! My first conversation with Sandy let me know that I was at the right place. Immediately, she knew the answer. Off the top of her head, she could tell me the current legislation and pending legislation that might affect me in the future. And that has been the standard that Sandy has set for herself and her employees. Again, when I became a volunteer with the dog rescue, the first person I called was Sandy. From her commitment to continuing education, she could guide me as to what I and other volunteers could claim and how to set about doing it. I referred my boyfriend who is a firefighter. She not only did his taxes, but educated him as to the exemptions he may be eligible for. This is how my life events go now, as I make a change, I then call Liberty Tax®! This standard of knowledge in the field is upheld by all of her employees and I know that I am more than a costumer there.

If it weren’t enough that you are treated with respect, with a friendly disposition, and as a valued customer, Liberty Tax® in Casper, Wyoming has also made a strong effort to reach out to the community, holding and participating in events for local charities. In fact, the dog rescue that I also volunteer with received an email from Mal, a Liberty Tax® employee, offering to hold an event on our behalf! As a volunteer myself and a veteran, I truly value this sense of community and passion to help others in all of the employees there and they will forever have my respect, as well as the respect of all of my friends that I have referred. I follow Liberty Tax® on Facebook as well, because part of their reaching out to the community is to share articles that will be educational to taxpayers who aren’t knowledgeable about tax preparation.

For these reasons (and more) I will always use Liberty Tax® in Casper, Wyoming and am very proud of doing business at an establishment that is so dedicated to education in their field, the community, and their customers.