postImage-SheilaSneath-a695a1f2-aced-4831-8edb-5945afb38909.jpgI had a lady come in one day to file her taxes and she takes care of her brother who is disabled. When she came in she was originally going to file single on her return and was going to owe money to federal.

She started talking about her brother, who she takes care of, and was telling me stories about how he is disabled and that they are on the verge of losing her home. I asked her how long she has been taking care of her brother and she said it has been for the last five years. I told her that seeing how she takes care of him and provides full support, that she is eligible to claim him.

The look on her face was priceless and she asked what that would do for her as far as filing her taxes. I told her seeing how she is the sole provider of her brother and that he is unable to take care of himself, she is able to claim Head of Household, as well as being able to put him on her tax return.

When all was said and done, she ended up getting a refund versus owing and it was enough to get her caught up on her mortgage so that she would not lose her home. She was in tears of joy and I shared those tears of joy with her. We went on to discuss her previous year tax returns and she had told me that she has always filed single because she did not know that she was able to claim her disabled brother, so she said she will be back in to amend her last 3 years of returns, so that she can get the credit that is deserved.

 She walked out a fan, and I became a fan of hers as well.