I used to be a customer of Sun Loan. I had a loan through them for some time so I thought that It would be a great idea to go ahead and get my taxes filed there. I figured that they knew what they were doing when it came to my loan so I also thought that they would know what they were doing when i field my taxes.

Obviously that was not the case. Sun Loan knew that I was married, I even stated this to them. They ignored this fact and field me and single head of household. When I got my refund I went to talk to my husbands immigration lawyer and that is when I found out all the mistakes that were made. I had to go get an amendment and even that amendment was done wrong. I

kept trying and they continued to argue with me and refused to refund me my money. So then we decided to drop our taxes off and Liberty and have them take a look at them and see if there was anything that they could do to help us out. They had someone who specialized in ITIN's as well as amendments.

I believe her name was Christy and she was AMAZING!! She took everything step by step and came in on a Saturday just so that we could contact the head person of Liberty to see exactly how to fix the mess that we had. She also found out what exactly to do when Sun Loan refused to give us the original copy of our taxes when we asked for them. Of course we had to pay back the original refund but Liberty worked with us on the cost of them doing our taxes and made it very affordable!

I was very please with the way my taxes were handled at Liberty and we will definitely go to go there from now on!