Dan Williams authorphoto 9e1b2037-9478-44df-b60f-9d90793f6d1dOne of my first clients came to the office in early January. He supports his sister and her two children. He was eligible to claim the children on his tax return. We filed the return on a Friday. Three weeks later, the client came in to check on his return.

This time his head and face was bandaged up and he was walking with a cane. We called the IRS to check on his return and found out they were auditing him. The client stated that he was shot in the face with a shotgun while being carjacked the night he filed his taxes. He desperately needed his tax return money as he had not been able to work. We explained to the client what information he needed to provide to get the return money sent. We helped him fax all the necessary paperwork to the IRS the same day. Several weeks went by and the clients financial situation got worse. We continued to follow-up with the IRS. About eight weeks after filing the return we printed a check. The client lived about 2 blocks from the office, so I put on my Lady Liberty costume, walked to his house, and presented the check. The client instantly started crying and the sister jumped up and gave me a hug. They thanked me multiple times and stated how much they appreciated my help. That small gesture of taking them their check made a huge impact in their lives.