Three years ago, I had questions about my taxes. I had been doing my own taxes since I was about 19. I wasn’t sure I had them done correctly this particular year, so like many people who do their own taxes, I went to the Laskey Rd location in Toledo, Ohio for a second opinion. I sat down with Dave Gang and he prepared my return. During the interview process I expressed to him that I had always done my own taxes but that this year I wasn’t confident I had done them correctly. Hearing that I had basic knowledge of taxes he asked if I was interested in Tax School. I said sure, then disregarded his question as soon as I left the office. 

The following August I received a phone call from Dave inviting me to the tax class. Truly surprised, he remembered me and full of curiosity, I attended the class. I got involved and really enjoyed the class time. Unfortunately, I had personal hardships and missed some classes. Dave kept calling me, encouraging me to come back to the class. When the class finished Dave offered me a job preparing taxes in his office.
Today, I am a Level three tax preparer, a notary public, and a licensed life and health insurance agent. 

I became a part of a family and a part of a cause. I have gained so much from the kindness, encouragement, and belief in my abilities. None of which I had ever received before. I haven't set foot in any other office, but I have attended many webinars and conference calls. I have to say that the office run by Dave Gang is at the top. "Dave's Gang" sets the standard for fanatical EVERYTHING and I am humbled and grateful to be a part of it. Everyday, I learn something new and grow as a person. I see myself as very weird, but I'm told that's OK too.

I have worked very hard my whole life and never really accomplished anything worth bragging about. I always put my family first, so a career and following my dreams was out of the question for me. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I was sick of working too hard for barely enough money to survive. When I started at Liberty, I was angry at the world, I had been given a hard life and no matter how hard I seemed to try I never accomplished my biggest goals. That ended three years ago. During the three years I have worked for Liberty, I have found myself, gained confidence in all areas of my life and I am proud to say my hard work is paying off, all because someone believed in me, when I didn’t.