Joan Hughes post photo a124bf05-abbf-45e7-8704-6fdbb470df2aOur story began several years ago when Danny was diagnosed with Renal Failure. Over each passing year, his kidney functions have decreased to the point where he is currently at 13% function, which means a kidney transplant is required within the next year or so. We began the process of being tested last August for Danny to be placed on the transplant list and he has been approved at GRU in Augusta, Georgia (formerly MCG) and now we have testing at MUSC in Charleston, SC and Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte, NC, after tax season is over with.

What I would like to share is that when you think you are all alone in this world and you are wrapped up in your problems, stop and listen. Danny had a customer who is on the heart transplant list. I have had a customer who is also on the kidney transplant list at GRU, but I was able to educate her about she needs to be on MUSC and CMC's list as well. (Per the guidelines you can be on up to 3 list but must live within 5 hours of the medical facility and she did not know this). When you attend the orientations about being placed on the kidney transplant list, each orientation is different and the facilitators may leave out information or may think it something that you already know. It was very rewarding knowing that not only I was able to help this couple complete their taxes, but maybe was able to give her a new lease on life by sharing what Danny is going through and what we have learned about kidney transplant. Also, I took the paperwork for a drop off return and just in talking with Mrs. Thomas ( because of the size of the box with medical and pharmacy receipts) I discovered that her husband had a kidney transplant in December of 2013 at GRU and that his case worker is Lynn, who is also Danny's.

It is sad that Danny is going through this, but through our jobs this season at Liberty we have learned that we are not alone, plus not only have we made a difference in helping prepare different individuals taxes, maybe we have made a difference in someone receiving a kidney faster by educating her on the importance of being listed at as many medical facilities as possible. Even though it is a national donor registry, they try to keep the organs local and sometimes it is easier to use locally, because there is a 24 hour time frame.
This story may not seem important to anyone but to know that we are not in this boat alone and that we were able to share our knowledge of the kidney transplant protocol has been wonderful.
If Danny had not been employed by Mr. Larry last year and recruited me this year, we would not have been able to share this and possibly make a difference in this young mother's life and/or quality of life. This means the world to us that we are able to take a negative and turn it into a positive.
Joan and Danny Hughes