I worked for Liberty Tax® Casper, WY several years ago as a tax preparer. I remember seeing how hard working and passionate the owner, Sandy S., was. She was constantly making herself available to customers, answering questions, contacting the IRS for clients, and regularly putting in 12+ hour days to ensure that every need was met. It blew me away that she was always ready and willing to help people, even if they had gotten their taxes done somewhere else!
Malissa Greenwood authorphoto 2ff90ab5-3ddc-4957-bbd9-6077cb6aae78It was because of this example of work ethic that I came back this year, but this time as the local Marketing/ PR Manager. Today, Sandy is still the same! But she’s also built an amazing team full of tax preparers who share her passion, attention to detail, and motivation to create raving fans!
For just one example, tax preparer and manager, Carmen M., has spent countless hours reaching out to the Hispanic community – leading seminars, helping them understand the ITIN process, why they need to get one, and then helping them with both current and previous years taxes. She is one of the only people in the entire community to do this! Now, while I don’t speak Spanish, I can understand a smile and a happy customer in any language!
The entire staff has been onboard and helpful with promoting all the fundraisers we’ve done, too, knowing that the most important part of those days is giving back to the community we live in.
Working in this kind of helpful, educational, and fanatical environment makes my job very easy; because it’s definitely not hard to advertise and reach out to the community when you are surrounded by passionate people ready go above and beyond for literally anyone that walks through the door!