Sometimes you have to take a chance and exercise faith with action.

I had a new customer come into one of my stores, she had heard about our loans and thought this would be the perfect way to get her money in plenty of time to pay for a new breathing machine for her sick child. We prepped and processed her return and all went as normal. She got the text message that her loan had been approved and to go online to finish up the process, which she did and got the message that her loan had been approved. She called us up to see if we had a check ready to print for her, but we didn’t. Unfortunately for her there was one day fairly early in the season that somehow 1st Money Center was sending approvals out to customers who actually were declined.

 As you can understand she was very upset and didn't understand how this could be happening. She came into the office and we called the number for the loan approval, and it did say she was approved. I called everyone I could on the Liberty side, but they all referred me to 1st Money Center. 1st Money Center referred us back to Liberty.

No one could explain why this happened, but that it just did, and more importantly no one was going to fix this to her satisfaction! She was distraught, because she went from being so excited to be getting the money, then to now not getting the money. She didn't have the money to pay for the loaner machine she currently had, and the money to get the new machine that he child really needed.

If she didn't get the new machine on the day it was available it would be given to someone else and she would have to wait for another one. The loaner machine did not work very well, which is why she needed the new machine so bad.

 I could not sit by and let this happen, so I decided I would give her the $1500 out of my own pocket, and let her pay me back when/if her check came in. I had never met this lady before and she was a new customer, so I didn't know if her refund would come through and if she would be able to pay me back, but I just couldn't let this lady stay in such distress. I gave her the money and then waited until her check came in.

Ten days later her check came in and she took me with her to Wal-Mart to cash the check and gave me the $1500 back. She was so grateful and said she was a customer of mine for life, but this was not about getting a customer, this was about helping someone in real need.

Sometimes you have to take a chance and exercise faith with some real action.