Tax Refund Keeps Car From Being Repossessed

By Mark and Camelia Adel/Zees – Pinehurst, NC

Mark Adel post photo a9998479-288c-49c2-a893-155a049e5efeA client returned to us after a difficult year, having been one of many people laid off when a local carpet plant, located just down the street from our office, closed last January. We reached out to those workers and offered to prepare their tax returns for free last year. She was one of many who came back to us this year.

This client had endured a difficult year, finding only part time work here and there. Plus, with unemployment and a lump sum distribution from the closed business, she fully expected to owe money to the IRS and the State of North Carolina. At that time, she was also in jeopardy of losing her car since she had not been able to keep up the payments, and it was about to be repossessed.

As we worked through her taxes, it became clear that this would not be the case. In fact, she was going to receive a fairly substantial refund from both federal and state returns. She was so overcome by the realization that she was going to be able to keep her car - that she clearly needed in order to continue working - she completely broke down crying and hugging everyone in the office.

Helping clients like this is always a great feeling!