Thank You For Being There

Last year, I attempted to do my own taxes, just like I had for the previous years of my adult life. However, after driving past the guy dressed like the statue of liberty every day, I decided to have my taxes double-checked at Liberty Tax. I couldn't believe it, but they were able to get me over $1200 more for my return!! Naturally, I returned this year to have my taxes done at Liberty Tax again. I was sad to find out that we owed money, but it felt good knowing that I was confident that they were done right. A few weeks after filing my taxes, I got a phone call from our local Liberty Tax, informing me that I had won a drawing for a 55 in LED Smart TV!!!! I can't believe how 'lucky' Liberty Tax has made me feel! Five years ago, my family suffered a HUGE loss on tax day, when my uncle took his own life. For the rest of my life, tax day will be a reminder of the pain we went through. I am so thankful that Liberty Tax is there to make such an emotional time of year so much less stressful. Thank you for being there for me when I need you!
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Posted By: Becky Huss

I am a 28 year old mother of two beautiful children. My husband works full time, goes to school full time AND is in the National Guard, so most of my time is spent caring for my children and supporting my husband with all his work. I am also blessed enough to work at a job that I love at a local nonprofit organization, working with our at risk youth and ending the cycle of violence.

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