Last year, I attempted to do my own taxes, just like I had for the previous years of my adult life. However, after driving past the guy dressed like the statue of liberty every day, I decided to have my taxes double-checked at Liberty Tax®. I couldn't believe it, but they were able to get me over $1200 more for my return!! Naturally, I returned this year to have my taxes done at Liberty Tax® again. I was sad to find out that we owed money, but it felt good knowing that I was confident that they were done right. A few weeks after filing my taxes, I got a phone call from our local Liberty Tax®, informing me that I had won a drawing for a 55 in LED Smart TV!!!! I can't believe how 'lucky' Liberty Tax® has made me feel! Five years ago, my family suffered a HUGE loss on tax day, when my uncle took his own life. For the rest of my life, tax day will be a reminder of the pain we went through. I am so thankful that Liberty Tax® is there to make such an emotional time of year so much less stressful. Thank you for being there for me when I need you!