Dear John,

I joined Stop Hunger Now in 2006 to take the program into Virginia, yet we never had the opportunity to get to know each other. To get to the point immediately, I'm at the age in life where expressing gratitude is something I take more seriously than ever. When someone comes to mind, I make a point to contact them.
Lee Warren authorphoto 0576334f-7764-46f6-8f5e-20cd085581bdThis past weekend during a long trail run, I was going over in my head a presentation I am to give in Pennsylvania this week about SHN. Since I always recount your contribution to co-founding SHN in my speeches, you came to mind, but in my solitude, with no distractions, I stopped my speech rehearsal and began to focus in on the gratitude I have for all that you allowed us to create.
Over 122 million meals in just about 8 years! As Ray Buchanan and our team were headed to the Philippines to work with our partners, not just to distribute the meals already on the water, but to set up an SHN packaging event (through Rotary) so Filipinos can help their own right in their own country, I was once again in awe of the power of one person, with a vision, to change the world. Then one person became two people and now hundreds of thousands of people around the world know the privilege of contributing to the alleviation of hunger.
Thank you. Sincerely, thank you. You and Ray gave me the opportunity to live out a God-given purpose and you gave all of us a channel for good.


Lee Warren
Community Relations Manager I Stop Hunger Now