I have used Jackson Hewitt and then Liberty Tax® for many years, at least 15 years, and it was great up until 2 years ago. I was not happy with the customer service I had been given and it seemed the employees had a great lack of knowledge. I had lost any and all faith and trust I had in Liberty Tax Service® since the office had made it a very difficult experience for me. I had been trying to get my tax return and check for months with no resolve from Liberty Tax Service®.

I have got to say that Mr. Rico Hamilton has saved a client and my family (also being clients) with his determination to keep me happy. He made sure I received my money. He went out of his way on his own time to drive and open a CLOSED seasonal office to make sure I was able to get my tax return that I had waited for, for over 7 months! Thank you Mr. Hamilton for your help! I will return again thanks for all your help.