Liberty Tax Service® has been a place that gives me a chance to learn new skills and find new talent inside myself. I am a handyman in the daytime, a musician at night, as well as a proud father of three kids which are all straight A students. 2014 as been the coldest winter in over ten years. Before coming to work for Liberty Tax Service®-JTH Financial, my job as a handyman was at its worst, digging holes for pipes in the frozen ground was a backbuster and
I wanted to come in from the cold and find a job working indoors.

A friend told me how happy they were working for Liberty as a customer service representative for 2 years. They told me that the company would train me and I would have a flexible hours. I have long dreadlocks, no skills with computers, but the lovely team at JTH Financial treated me very nicely and help me step by step . When the calls started coming in back to back, it was mind blowing. I had never worked in a call center before, however the supervisiors were right there to help you out. Now we are at the end of the tax season and I am sad to let it go. Spring is here and Liberty Tax Service® helped me make money, gain new skills, and kept me in a great indoor job in one of the coldest winters the East Coast has seen in many years. I can't wait to work the phones and service the poeple that call in for Liberty Product Support. I know that I am part of the Liberty Tax® family. Thanks for giving me a chance. I will be forever grateful. Sincerly yours,Edward Bryant @JTH.