I went into liberty tax® to do my taxes and it was the best day I had so far this year.

First I would like to say thank you liberty for opening early and giving away 50 dollars when getting your taxes done. I had no gas money that week I went through a lot with my bank account where a company had double charged me and overdrawn my account with a total of 300 dollars which was all I had.

Not to mention 200 dollars was going towards rent. So I did a dispute but now I had to find out where I was going to come up with my rent money that was due in two days. But liberty changed me and my Children's lives.

The next day after I did my taxes I received a text saying I was approved for 750 and it had been loaded to my netspend card. I was so excited because I now had my rent and if I didn't I probably would of had to move out. My children were able to get some extra coats, gloves and clothes for the winter.

Thank you so much!!