I became homeless two days after I received notification from Dennis at Liberty Tax that tax classes would began on Dec 15, 2014. All I could do is cry because I felt tremendous pressure to just give up and try again next year. Especially when the holidays are approaching and I wasn't sure how my son would respond to me telling him we have no where to live now. But something clicked inside of me and I jumped on the bus, grabbed my son from school and went to Liberty Tax Class. 

On the bus ride I had to fight back tears of feeling abandoned by my child's father and the (court) system but I knew that Liberty Tax Class was mine and no one could take that away from me unless I gave up!
Once we arrived Beth saw my son and she immediately helped me get him settled in with crayons and Liberty Tax coloring book. Tears flooded my face from gratitude for Beth's instincts and I was able to focus on class, not being homeless.

My son and I would like to say thank you Liberty Tax and Beth for making us feel like family--- it isn't Christmas but it felt like Christmas Day seeing my son not affected by the realities of being a parent. Holidays are truly about giving back to someone who doesn't necessarily expect it. That's the greatest gift.