Client came into my store 1st peak (we'll call him Bill). First thing he said was, "I just went to H& R Block and they wanted $99 to do my tax return... Do you believe that?" I said, “No- that's a great deal!" We discussed his tax situation and I told him that I'd never be the $99 guy, but this year I'd do it for less than Block to show him the difference. He agreed and I had a great time discussing his job as a Coke delivery truck driver which he held for 10 years or so. He had his taxes done by "Tanya Does Taxes"---- (no lie ) for the past several years for $40.Ralph Guisti post photo 23d60dc6-ae4d-415e-a47f-17d9518efba3I found "Tanya" had not claimed his MA rental deduction for the past 10 years, which was about $150. for each of those 10 years. We discussed his Coke delivery job and I asked him if the Coke drivers are rivaled by the Pepsi drivers like in the old commercials. He laughed and said that he knew them all and they were all friends (weird). I finished the return and encouraged him to try us again next year. He said, "I'll be back." A week went by and a client came in asking for Bill's return copy. I asked who he was and he said ( Bob), Bill's brother and that Bill had passed away. I was shocked to say the least (he was just in my store a week ago!). I told him how sorry I was and that his brother seemed like a great guy. We discussed what needed to be done to release the paperwork and he thanked me and left. A week later Bob came in with his own tax paperwork. he told me he'd been using the same tax pro for many years now, but his brother Bill had spoken so highly of us, that he wanted to give us his business. We discussed Bill as I did his taxes and we finished and parted. It's great to know that we can have such a positive impact on those around us, that even in the face of a loss so great- the Liberty Culture shines through.