I am the franchise owner of the Liberty Tax® in Dedham, MA. My story is regarding my wavers. I have changed the lives of some very special people by giving them the opportunity to work. In turn, they have changed my life. I merely am giving them the chance they deserve, to work and be part of something. The Neponset River House is a service of Riverside Community Care, a non-profit organization that provides mental health care, developmental and cognitive disability services, substance abuse treatment and other human services in over 50 Massachusetts cities and towns.

I have been so impressed with my staff of wavers and their work ethic and their gratitude for giving them a chance. "Thank you for being nice to me and giving me a chance," is a text I got from one of my wavers, John Harrop. Every single person I have employed from the Riverside House has reached out to me and thanked me for merely giving them a chance.

It has been my pleaseure employing memebers of the Neponset River House and giving these very worthy people a chance to work. In 2013 I was honored at the Massachusetts State House with a community service award that I was very proud to accept.