We have a client that is elderly and needed to get her taxes done. She called the office and one of my gals answered that call, Nicole. This client was very concerned about how she was going to get her tax return completed this year. Our client had just lost her husband and had to move to a retirement home, and also lost her license to drive, as well.

All during the past year, Nicole let her know that she didn’t have to worry. We would go to her and pick up her information and once her return is completed, we returned with her completed return.

Nicole returned and spent some time with this client and the client did begin to cry and show some emotion over all she had been through in the past year. This client was so pleased to know that we will go to her every year that we need to, and is going to refer Liberty to anyone else that needs us to go to them as well.

Sometimes the smallest effort is the greatest reward.