postImage-KristiHutchins-c9b80d16-9897-400f-8cce-8c9e07b11b8b.jpgI am nominating Mary Taylor, franchise owner of the Bardstown, KY office, as well as 5 other local offices!
I am Board President of the Louisville chapter of 3 Little Birds 4 Life, the only wish granting organization for young adults battling cancer in the country! We are a small organization, 100% volunteer, with big dreams. Over the past year, Mary and her staff have been a wonderful asset to our organization and a strong partner we look forward to working with in the future! She has been able to see our passion, strengthen us, and power us forward.

Mary was drawn to our organization because of her past relationship battling cancer, with her Aunt Rose! Mary took it upon herself to organize a final wish for her aunt! She was able to gather friends and family to donate one final family vacation for her aunt and her children. The comfort that gave Mary, and her family, remained with her after her aunt’s passing. It gave them a sense of peace and pride! 

She has propelled that pride into a special partnership with 3 Little Birds 4 Life. In the last tax season, Mary was able to successfully raise over $10,000 in her 6 franchises for our organization! With wishes costing anywhere from $500-$1500, her efforts assisted in the completion of over a dozen wishes in the Kentucky area! Not only do these wishes impact the recipient that is battling cancer, but also that person’s family and surrounding community! The hope and joy it brings, is far more widespread than one individual. 

For example, a new backyard oasis gave Phil peace of mind in his last weeks battling a brain tumor. Yet, also has given his wife and 2-year-old son a place of refuge to remember their missing part of the family after his passing. A place filled with love their dad/husband has left for them. 

Another example is Taunta, a young semi-pro boxer from Lexington KY, who was able to meet his inspiration Muhammad Ali, as well as have his vintage car restored. The sheer awe in this young man’s eyes spoke volumes, when he was at a loss for words. His mother and his trainer were there with Taunta as his dream was realized! That wish gave all of them the momentum they needed to fight the biggest battle of Taunta's life. It was a burst of energy for him and his caregivers when it was needed most.

The stories like these are numerous, and unfortunatley we have a waitlist for recipients. The partnership she has given us has allowed us to bring awareness to the young adult cancer movement, while promoting Liberty Tax® in return! In each franchise, we worked together to hang posters featuring a local wish recipient with our campaign logo as well as Liberty Tax®! In addition, well placed small canisters for smaller donations! During April, we also "flocked" each franchise with orange flamingos, along side of iconic Liberty Wavers! Nothing stands out more than orange flamingos and a life-size Statue of Liberty waving and dancing to our themesong, "Every little thing, is gonna be alright...…" 

The energy and commitment Mary brought to our cause, right in the middle of her busiest time of the year was not short of amazing! That is how I know she is one of kind! When it’s April 10th, you are calling a tax person, and she will still answer a phone call about non-profit work, you definitely have a true, caring person you are working with! I can think of no better reference to give someone that is looking for help in their financial life. Mary is serving her community well! She provides a wonderful tax business, she has helped our small organization meet its financial needs, but most importantly she has helped to change the lives of those young adults in our area battling cancer, as well as their families!

Kristi Hutchins, 3 Little Birds 4 Life