My name is Kristine Chapman. I am a first time Marketing Manager- but have been waving for 4 years. In our town, most young adults/ teenagers end up going down the wrong path and getting into a lot of trouble. Spring Hill, Florida has high crime, drop out and drug rates- the teens and young adults in our town have nothing to occupy them EXCEPT for getting in trouble.

At our Liberty Tax® franchise, we believe in changing that. Our employees (wavers, preparers, office staff, marketing team) come as they are, and are loved AS THEY ARE. Our office offers a safe, fun place for young adults and teenagers to act like their wild, crazy self (and lets them express themselves through waving and creating new material).

We currently have no lights outside of our office and are located on the town's main road- our wavers are motivated so much that they buy themselves (and each other) glow sticks, lights, light effects... to use at night to keep themselves entertained and out of trouble. Spring Hill is mainly a senior citizen and drug town. The majority of people find "headbangers" and "sign people," weird- and the music that they listen to "garbage."

But what would we be without our family? We are more than co-workers, associates, CRAZY SIGN WAVERS, tax preparers. We are a family) a WILD, CRAZY, FUN, ENERGETIC family.. and we are not a family without EVERY ONE of our members. We make taxes fun. All of us. Together.