I have a client that has been coming to our Olean Liberty since the first year I was a franchisee. Last year, I noticed after April 15th that her return was still on hold. I sent her an email asking what she wanted to do regarding filing her return. She sent an email back that she was going through some stuff and didn't have the time to come in an wrap up her return, but she would eventually be in.

This year ,she came to file 2013 and 2014 returns. I then find out she again she put her returns on hold. I thought this was odd.

One day while on Facebook I sadly find out she has to go through another round of chemo and that her cancer is back. I contacted my manager and asked why she was on hold and it was awaiting payment. I asked my manager to give her a call and offer to do both year's of returns for Free. I received the following post on my Facebook page:

Thank you so much Liberty Tax® Olean Ny..... Tina Farmer you are a blessing.... Thank you... much love for you and your family... Love you....

Touched my heart.