I had a client walk into my office the other day who had an IRS letter regarding her 2013 tax return. The client had not filed a tax return since 2011, and had taxable payments from a pension and in 2013, had a lump sum payment from Social Security.The client did not have copies of the prior years' tax returns that had been filed, as those were taken care of by her now deceased husband, and when her husband died, the taxpayer lost her home and everything in it.

We were able to get in touch with the Mom and Pop that had done her 2011 (return) and get a copy of that year from them. But we were going to have to go to the IRS to get a copy of the other prior years that we needed. The client was more than willing to sign a 2848 giving us Power of Attorney to get copies of the income and return transcripts. However, with no EA (Enrolled Agent) or CPA in our office, we were going to have to have the client sit in the office while we called the IRS.

To the client, this was a fate worse than death! Couldn't we get it for her some other way, she asked.

I called a tax preparer friend of mine who is an EA, and asked if she would get the transcripts for us if my client signed Power of Attorney to allow it. My friend agreed, the client signed the 2848, and we now have a copy of the transcripts needed to file the 2013 tax return within the timeline given to the client by the IRS.

 The client is now a Raving Fan, going out and telling everyone she meets that if they haven't come in to see us at Liberty, they should! "After all," she says, "They took care of MY tax issue within two days! *Inserts name of local Mom & Pop* couldn't get it done from February when I got the letter to now!"

 I just love those Liberty girls, they are truly lifesavers!"