Katrina Longan authorphoto c3c6d883-51de-405d-bcc7-696b1ff8dbffWhen I began working for Liberty Tax®, I was pregnant and looking for a part time job that would ease the transition from working as a full-time server to a more relaxing office environment that would accommodate my growing belly! I invested a few dollars in myself to take the Rapid Tax Course because it would be an investment in a new skill that could potentially lead to employment. If I was not selected to be as part of the office, at least I would know how to file my taxes with the new baby on the way. I never expected to love the job so much! 

Since that class 3 years ago, I have worked my up to office manager with a goal to own my own office in the future.

Every year, Liberty offers the University of Phoenix Scholarship and I remember hearing about it my first year but unable to qualify, I waited. The following year I was turned down for the scholarship but after taking a few classes at the local college throughout the year, I re-applied with a bit more knowledge and received the scholarship. Hooray! Persistence pays off! Being awarded this scholarship relieves a huge financial burden for my family. My husband is in school as well, we both work, and we have a 2 year old daughter whom we love to the moon and back. This scholarship is going to allow us to keep our student loan debt down, get us closer to home ownership, on my path towards becoming a Zee, and eventually the financial freedom to give my daughter the world. There are not enough words to describe the impact this will have on my family. I am grateful to work for a company that has an enthusiastic and supportive team with the ability to impact people and change lives on a daily basis. 

I want to thank my awesome Zee, Tami Woestemeyer, for all of the experiences I have had this tax season. She put me in full force as a manager and by allowing me to experience all aspects of running an office from hiring, to training, marketing and daily operations, I know that Liberty Tax® is the company I want to center my career around. I know there is plenty that I can improve on, but Tami showed me that as long as you’re consistently improving and adjusting, each tax season can and will be better than the last. I would also like to thank our wonderful staff this season. Without their upbeat personalities and encouraging words when I was stressed out about school, or working long hours at the office during Peak, or writing my scholarship essays, I probably wouldn't have made it through the season with my brain intact. Liberty means opportunity to me, and I can’t wait to take full advantage of the educational opportunity Liberty Tax® has provided to me through this scholarship! Some day I hope to influence somebody else's life the way Liberty Tax® has influenced mine.