postImage-WayneMesker-68ee1fa0-5c89-4963-b6c8-4774a9ea6a02.jpgI have been a waver at the Parma Hts. , Ohio zee owned by Dave Clark for the past 3 years & have been his “Go To” waver for the last 2 .
The additional income has helped me to keep Worldstock Entertainment operating & the flexibility that Dave has allowed me to have in my schedule as well as his support , understanding & encouragement have made it possible to continue building our Global Network of Good.
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm C.E.O. of Worldstock Entertainment ,a spiritually guided, philanthropically focused company based in Cleveland,Oh.founded in part in response to an inspirational talk by former Deep Purple Bassist/Vocalist Glenn Hughes at Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in 2008
Our continuous search for caring / concerned & like-minded friends has resulted in some amazing projects , connections & opportunities that already have & hopefully will continue to result in much positive action in the world.
Worldstock has no interest in what we can GET,only in what we can GIVE
I’m Founder of the ONE Heartbeat R.O.C.K.S. Initiative
( Reaching Our Children with Kindness & Sensitivity ) .
As of yet ONE Heartbeat R.O.C.K.S. has received no media attention whatever !
It's truly sad that the media focus always seems to lean more towards exposure of the problem of violence rather than the solutions ! This is"Our" most IMPORTANT project to date . Fueled by inspiration from Reject , a film we were blessed to see at the 2013 Cleveland International Film Festival . We know It will take a Global Village to Reach , Teach & Save Our Children. ONE Heartbeat ROCKS has been working to develop this Initiative for over two years ever since the Chardon High School tragedy & we can use all the VILLAGERS we can find !!! Our MAIN purpose is to achieve a social / educational culture among our children & Communities that builds a World where “ALL” are loved, respected, accepted & PROTECTED. We organized & presented this event in Parma,Ohio last May to move that effort forward. The event received accolades & support from the Parma School District, the Mayor & City Council, the Chamber Of Commerce , the School Board & many other Community organizations & participation from a State Representative,a State Senator , the film's Producer other important stakeholders.
We are seeking other possible partnerships for similar events in other communities, school districts & anywhere that the film’s message will make a difference.
I'm also founder of the Rock Against Dementia Project
We were blessed to be at the Cleveland International Film Festival last March for the screening / film forum of Michael Rossato Bennett's multi-award winning Documentary Alive Inside .
The film took the Sundance Film Festival Audience Award this year among other honors at various film festivals around the world. It is now in theatrical release at Landmark theaters all over the U.S.A., is available on Netflix & can be purchased on DVD through Amazon .
We are working in close cooperation with Film director Michael Rossato Bennett, Dan Cohen founder of Music & Memory & their Team as well as with the Ohio Department of Aging to reach out to our friends& aid their mission to educate the world regarding this remarkable proven alternative therapy & make personal music devices available to those that are affected. We are lobbying our government representatives to draft & support legislation that makes those devices available by prescription & the cost covered by insurance. The reality is that many of us are at the age where this terrible condition could be our future. The Win / Win for artists like many of our Legendary musical friends is that the music they have created during their careers could well be the Link that provides the connection to reality for these people. Watch this Clip, see how it touches you & then consider contacting me to discuss ideas how you can help to implement this Program that is being wholeheartedly embraced by the Ohio Department of Aging I am also humbled & honored to have been appointed Official Purple Angel Global Outreach Ambassador & now we add to our Rock Against Dementia efforts to spread awareness about Alive Inside & Music & Memory the extra important task of making our Communities dementia Aware & Friendly .
The Purple Angel organization was established in 2013 by Norman McNamara, who was diagnosed with dementia in his early 50s.
After experiencing discrimination himself, he vowed no person suffering from dementia should be treated like he had been and set about raising awareness.
Now, the campaign has become a global success as the Purple Cities Alliance has been formed to try and links cities & businesses from around the world into one global network 
Knoxville,Tennessee is the first city in the United States to get involved Feel free to contact me for info:
My PH: 216-316-2379
My E-Mail: Read more: As Global Outreach Ambassador , I am also recruiting additional Ambassadors & Honorary Ambassadors & have already succeeded in bringing on board Debby Campbell Cloyd , daughter of the beloved musician Glen Campbell & Will Johns, a talented guitarist/vocalist from the UK who is the legendary Eric Clapton's Nephew/Godson.
We have just begun our outreach.