authorImage-Margaret Taylor-c246c7ad-e825-47b1-bff5-6c2cecaf43a1.jpgI have been a Liberty Tax® Franchisee since April 2002 and have 3 stores in Virginia Beach, VA. I was a stay at home mom for 18 years and took the 5 day tax class and became hooked on the business model and helping to change people's lives. I have been blessed each year to continue doing what I LOVE!

This year we have the ability to tell a wonderful LOVE story!! This year at our Hilltop store in Virginia Beach we had several returning employees including wavers. One of our returning wavers is named Antoine Johnson. He has a smile that lights up the room and an attitude that is contagious. He is honest, trustworthy, has integrity and is a leader to the younger generation of wavers. All was business as usual until we added to the mix a brand new waver, named Gwen.....
This is Antoine and Gwen's Love Story!

Antoine's story-

Antoine was born and raised in Queens, New York. He had 2 brothers, both passed away. His mom lives in Virginia Beach.
In New York, Antoine was a drummer with numerous bands and did some traveling with the bands. During an incident, while trying to assist someone, he was shot. He then became a Pentecostal minister, serving in a church where he again played drums and performed funeral services.

In 2008, Antoine moved to Virginia Beach. He was previously married, but has been alone for 5 years. He has been a waver at Hilltop for 2 seasons. He usually works a morning shift, always with a smile and rides his bike to work in all weather. He says, "I Love Liberty Tax®! It fills my heart to wave to people and make them happy." "He especially likes his boss, Margaret Taylor." Music and dancing make his job a joy.

It was at a pizza party with fellow wavers where Antoine really noticed Gwen, even though they had both been working as wavers all season. "She was so beautiful!" Now it seems there are marriage plans for August.

Antoine tells it this way, "I was waving one day and it felt as if I waved at an angel and she waved back. The next day I found my future wife!!! I changed the alphabet and put U and I back together."

Gwen's story-

Gwen was born in Queens, New York. She had three older brothers. When she was 8 years old her mom died and Gwen went to live with her aunt in Mississippi. She was raised along with the 3 sons of her aunt. Her aunt was a schoolteacher and Gwen said it was a good childhood.

When she turned 18 Gwen went back to New York to live on her own. She worked as a nurse's aid taking care of elderly in their homes.
In 2000, she moved to Virginia Beach. In 2007 Gwen's brother she was closest to, passed away. This was very difficult for her.

This year is her first season as a waver with Liberty Tax Service®.

She loves to dance and wave, but meeting Antoine is the best part of being a waver.

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