postImage-KristineChapman-14108a32-8f38-45ec-aceb-bb6f4a16b45e.jpgEvery day, the wavers at my Liberty office in Spring Hill come up with something new and exciting to do. All of the sign wavers at my location come from very different backgrounds. Some young, some older- all of my wavers accept each other and innovate with each other every single day.

Lately, they are on a volunteer binge. I drive by and see two or three of my wavers all out there with each other, when only one is scheduled. I ask them why they come out in the blazing Florida heat on volunteer time to wave and dance and hula hoop with each other, and they have all said the same answer, "We love our job, and we have fun doing this. We inspire each other, and we all put on a great show. So why not do it every day?"

The sign wavers at my location currently don't have any street lights or anything that would make them stand out at night. They have taken it upon themselves to bring glow sticks, hula hoops, light effects, caveman costumes, St. Patrick's Day hats, and Easter bunny ears. Two of my wavers have even choreographed their own dance routine, and every single day they are in the grass in front of the office dancing and singing.

One of my wavers, is known as "Caveman Mike" and is known for his constant dancing, singing and head-banging in different costumes. He was the first sign waver in our town, and started the sign waving epidemic in Florida. For St. Patrick's Day, all of my wavers came in, dyed their hair green, painted their face, and danced together in the medians and sides of the road. All. Day. Long.

The wavers at office 11250 in Spring Hill, Florida are more than sign wavers. They have become social icons. So many times, I see citizens of our town parking and running up to them and asking for pictures and videos with them, JUST so they can say they "met Caveman Mike and Hula Hoop Jessica - the dancers on Spring Hill Drive."

Our wavers go above and beyond, every single day since the beginning of the season. Each of my wavers is different, unique individuals with creative, smart ideas. But when you put all of them together, it is fanatical, fun, art and they bring our community together - one waver, dance, face paint tube, costume and mask at a time.