We LOVE Liberty!!!! Have never used Liberty before, I filed taxes for our family using an online service in the past, and ended up with a bill from the IRS for items missed or entered incorrectly. I also feel like our taxes were pretty "messy" this year - we sold a house, moved to a new city, bought a house, made significant improvements to both homes, I am a Realtor, and worked two part time "side" jobs, and we have two kids in daycare. Whew! Took our huge pile of "stuff" to Timothy late in the evening on a Friday night, spent only an hour in the office with him, (while our two young kids were entertained with movies, coloring, TV provided by Liberty in the office). AMAZING! Timothy related to us on a personal and professional level, helped us get our tax bill down by over $1000 from what I projected myself using one of the big name "online" filing companies. The fee to prepare our taxes paled in comparison to the amount we saved - we are absolutely thankful and had a very pleasant experience. Timothy went the extra mile to help us realize deductions we hadn't considered, and was so pleasant to work with. Very happy to have found Liberty - we will certainly be using them again!! Thanks so much.